Within civil war. How she started her career

Within the body of this paper, I am going to discuss the life and accomplishments of Harriet Tubman. Her contributions to the civil war. How she started her career as a spy and abolitionist.

            Life of Harriet Tubman             Harriet Tubman is mostly known for aiding slaves through the underground railroad to freedom. She has been a person of great importance in our history. She was born in the 1820s, the fifth out of nine children of parents who were slaves. As an adolescent, she was injured by getting hit in the head with a two-pound weight, in which she would have episodes of falling asleep without warning. When her previous owner’s wife took a while to decide her fate she said, “I had reasoned this out in my mind, there was one of two things I had a right to, liberty or death; if I could not have one, I would have the other.

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” (1849). After escaping from slavery, she made thirteen trips to help other slaves and relatives escape. With the help of other abolitionists know as Quakers. When the civil war began, Tubman saw it help abolish slavery so she decided to work for the Union army.

 Tubman served as a nurse in port royal making remedies from local plants and aiding soldiers that were suffering. She cared for men with diseases like smallpox but did not contract any of them. In which people would say she was blessed by God. When President Lincoln was being hesitant in enforcing the emancipation in the south Harriet said, “God won’t let master Lincoln beat the south till he does the right thing” Conclusion            Through research having learned more about Harriet Tubman and her contributions to the society. I marvel at her bravery as an individual to put her life in jeopardy to fight for the greater good. while Harriet Tubman was a trailblazer, I can say that I appreciate her great efforts.

my key points were to talk to you about her claim to fame. I truly admire her bravery though I may not have as much confidence that had.