Women Now Make Up Almost Half of Gamers

According to this article, there is a large increase in female gamers.

Freddie Rehnquist says, “We see a big and fast increase in female players, over all genres. ” Freddie is a big game developer for a company called Ubiquitous. The female community shot up very quickly from girls Just playing APS on their phone to consoles in their room. I myself as a gamer don’t see very many girls that actually play video games seriously.

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This new ally excites me because this means the gaming community will be twice as large and be way more diverse. The article says, “Many women who previously only gamed with their families are now embracing gaming as an individual leisure activity as well,” said Nicole Pike, a Nielsen analyst. The female gaming population is 48%.

This is crazy in my opinion because it literally went up about 30% in one year! I think the release of the Palpitation 4 and Oxbow One really affected this percentage increase.One problem with this is that now with all these female gamers developers will have o add more female characters. If you didn’t know, putting female characters in video games is very expensive and time consuming.

The hair and the body structures are very difficult to create and recreate over and over. This might cause a little turmoil between the genders in the future. In conclusion this article taught me that change can happen in the craziest places and very quickly. There isn’t much that has happened yet to really picture what might happen for the future, but I really hope It is good.