Women political rank of gender equality in the

are at times looked down up for defending their rights, ideologies, and gender
equality. There are many opponents who claim that women have already reached
that place in the 21st century. In a country like the US, no one would think
this was uncertain, but the reality is hidden behind half-rights and false
equality. It is such a common fact that they see it as something natural. We
see inequality and bullying from childhood when they tell girls to cross their legs
and boys are taught not to cry. Genders inequality can be seen at home, jobs,
and in the political spheres.

     In the 2017 Presidential election, the
Democratic Party, had Hillary Clinton as it ever first female candidate for a
Mayor Party to the presidency of the United States, through the campaign, women
would seek to achieve the highest political rank of gender equality in the
country. Although, many opponents say that the mere fact of a women being
nominated demonstrated that equality. The truth is that the triumph of Donald
Trump would demonstrate the opposite, leading a campaign full of sexism, harassment,
and denigration to women, where they would uncover an unprecedented series of
social events.

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     Walmart is one of the largest companies that faced
charges of discrimination against women. Six women file a sued-on behalf of female
employees alleging gender discrimination, they complain regarding non-equal pay,
harassment, failing to promote, and denial of management training, with unsatisfactory
result the problem remain.

have always fought through the years to be seen and treated with respect;
facing struggles against sexual assault, domestic abuse, and social discrimination.
There are many debates about sexual harassment suffered by women since
adolescence in schools, at work, and in society. The fact that women are more
exposed to this serious misconduct than men is due to job inequality
opportunities and the differences in wages they face. According to US Equal Employment
Opportunity Commission “It is unlawful to harass a
person (an applicant or employee) because of that person’s sex. Harassment can
include “sexual harassment” or unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual
favors, and other verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature.”

     It is disturbing how
women and men accept those type of behavior on the workplace, like if they were
part of the human nature, forgetting that those primitive ways are millions of
years behind. It is sad how women are categorized according her capacity to
perform a job. It is unacceptable that women are judge by her physical
appearance. When a woman aspires to a better position or wage in most of the
cases she faces sexual or verbal harassment.  

      A proof of this type of harassments is the
recently hashtag, ME TOO that has begun to tear down the wall of silence that
for many years hid the truths about the sexual assault suffered by thousands of
women in the highest social spheres by the producer and film director Harvey

     After the avalanche of claims, “a survey
was conducted to a group of 4,702 women and men employed, 42 percent of working
women said they have faced one of eight types of
discrimination on the job because of their gender, while just 5 percent of men
said they’ve experienced that.” Oppositions affirms that
#ME TOO media phenomenon is going to cause that women use an act of courtesy as
an harassment misconduct. They also claim that women are using victimization as
an argument against men.

     It is also unrespecting how companies use women
as marketing for their business. In the debate by Mary Becker and Patricia A
Casey both with law accreditations explain their point of view assure, “Yes: Discrimination
helps companies trade on women’s sexuality” affirming that companies like “Hooters”
and “Southwest Airlines” exploit women sexuality both employing only women and the
airline also with the slogan “fly me.”

      It must be understood how this type of behavior affects women, society
must understand the psychological damage behind everything that influences the
delay of women in denouncing these abuses by fear and shame, women who grow up thinking
that their values are weighed by their reputation.

     Marriage or relationships are another area that sexual abuse can be found against women. In the United States, “an average of 20 people is physically abused by intimate partners every minute.” This leads to a woman losing her identity, then she stops feeling like a human being and feels like object in the hands of the abuser. The woman feels guilty about what is happening to her and starts to justify the mistreatment. The effect is so dangerous that it can lead to suicide as a solution or a way out.      It is undoubtedly a topic of social interest where all should be involved. Women are still standing in their fight for social equality and against any type of harassment and abuse. Educating new generations is everyone’s task, de-categorizing activities by gender and ending sexual abuse. Equality is a natural right, we are all part of humanity.