(Women skills and strategies on self-care for managing

(Womenare discriminated because they are not men.

Bodies of women are objectifiedbecause we live in a male-dominated society, which also limits our success. Theonly way we can succeed in a male-dominated society is by giving in. Accordingto patriarchal beliefs, the fact that women can give birth serves as ourpurpose in life.)PlannedParenthood, the world’s biggest provider of healthcare services will soon befully defunded by the government. This year in June, Vice President Mike Pencesaid, “Later this summer when we repeal and replace Obamacare, we’re going todefund Planned Parenthood once and for all,” at the Focus on the Family Gathering.This stamen sparked a fire between pro-choice and pro-life believers. Pro-choicebelievers view the right to an abortion is woman’s sovereignty right, whereaspro-life believers see abortion as a murder of a fetus.

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I am a firm pro-choicefeminist because I believe women are equal and should be allowed to make theirown choices and decisions.Therefore,I decided to take part in a women’s march which was hosted by March on Colorado.The event was held on October 28, from eight thirty in the morning to threethirty in the afternoon.

March on Colorado offered an incredible one-day summitof local speakers, which left me motivated and inspired to be an advocate forwomen. Some of the speakers that I liked were Nancy Harris, Halisi Vinson,Morgan Carroll and Lucia Guzman and featured discussions on how to talk aboutissues from a progressive perspective and caring for yourself in tough times.By the end of the lectures, I had made new connections and learned new skillsand strategies on self-care for managing tough times as an advocate.             Defunding Planned Parenthood will make it harder forwomen across the nation to get abortions and it will also limit their access toa wide range of health care services. Planned Parenthood provides healthcareservices to at least two million people across the United States, the vastmajority of people who live below federal poverty level. Planned Parenthooddoes not provide abortions with federal funds, also, they provide health careservices at rural and medically underserved areas. Many women get birthcontrol, breast exams, and Pap tests through planned parenthood.

These testshave allowed doctors to detect cancer in women, which increases patient’s oddsof survival.            With the government defunding planned parenthood healthcare, unsafe abortions will take place at the cost of woman’s health.Compulsory pregnancy will only take away safety and security of women becausethey will have to get abortions under unsafe circumstances. There are twodifferent views on abortion. On one hand, pro-life believer views a fetus as aperson and abortion is murder, on the other hand, pro-choice views unborn fetusas unconscious and without thoughts.

I believe, defunding planned parenthoodmakes the government pro-life by taking away the basic right from women, also,they are diminishing women within society.             In addition, thesummit provided me with deeper knowledge on translating activism into politicalaction. To turn my activism into a political action, I signed up with ACLU tosend a public message to the Department of Health and Human Services, “I’mconcerned that HHS’s new rules will take away insurance coverage of birthcontrol and allow employers to discriminate against women. Having no-cost birthcontrol coverage has been so important to me and others across the country. Ouraccess to care should not be restricted by our bosses’ religious beliefs.  I want to make sure HHS hears from me: pleaseprotect this benefit.

Our health and equality depend on it.”TheAffordable Care Act contraceptive benefit was meant to guarantee contraceptivecoverage in insurance plans, but, Trumps new rule authorizes an employer todeny its employees contraceptive coverage if it has a moral or religiousobligation, also, it allows universities to deny contraceptives to itsstudents. The new rule also suggests that programs like Title-X and Medicaid canstill be accessed by women for contraceptive, but, these programs have beenunder constant attack from Congress and the White House. I believe, that thisnew rule violates women’s right and discriminates in the name of religion.Furthermore, I sent out emails requesting my friends to support the cause as well.