Writing According to Lamott, King, and Diaz

Anne Lamott’s “Shitty First Drafts,” Stephen King’s “What Writing Is” and Junot Diaz’s “Becoming a Writer,” all have their share of similarities and differences. For instance, all the authors’ writing is considered as a genre of non-fiction and a subgenre of writing studies, it is directed towards other aspiring writers, and general audience or whoever is interested in writing showing us that there are a few unities between them. Lamott describes us how our first drafts don’t necessarily have to be faultless in order for the final draft to be perfect. She enlightens her views by telling us that the best of the best writers don’t wake up in the morning feeling eager or excited to do their first draft.

She lets us know that it is okay for your first draft to be shitty because it is not your final draft and that there will be more drafts in the future that will eventually lead to the perfect final draft of the writing. King claims that “writing is telepathy”, by showing us that you do not always have to speak to convey a message. He explains how the reader can imagine a writer’s words through reading the book, calling the book “a unique portable of magic.

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” He further explains that reading a book can convey the message from the writer to the audience, thus convincing us that the telepathy in action. Diaz helps us understand that no matter what you do, there will always be obstacles that will come your way and that you need to get through it. He talks about how he wrote the first 75 pages and then after that, it was just blank, like the was stuck in a corner that whatever you do, you cannot find a way out. Five years is a very long time for someone in the field of literature and it is crucial when whatever you write is not what you want as your final draft.

Diaz took some time off from writing, which included him not hanging out with his writer friends or even going to the bookstore. He eventually concluded …