Writing sentences and paragraphs

I want to be a medical billed and coder at Riverside Hospital because I look forward to making a positive impression with the people whom I will work with. I realized that I wanted to work in the Medical Billing and Coding field due my own personal experience with my son. When I had my son in August 1989, the health Insurance company listed the wrong Primary Care Physician for him, I have been battling with doctor offices and the Insurance company for the first year of his life trying to get bills paid.

Since no one In my family works In the medical field, I became cooked further Into the career of Medical Billing and Coding and became motives to be a Medical billed and Coder. I started my training with Penn Foster Career School, and have much knowledge In Medical Coding and CAP), Insurance Form Preparation, Medical Terminology, as well as computer courses In Word and Excel. It would be a great honor to become a member of the Riverside Hospital Community, in the medical billing and coding field. Paragraph 2: My boss, Mr… Patterson has a position available for an assistant at Legacy Law Office.

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I think this would be an excellent Job opportunity. You are everything that Mr… Patterson is looking for in an assistant. You are an excellent organizer, you have excellent written and verbal communication skills and we all know you are a multitasking. My boss is looking for a full time position. It also pays extremely well and you will not have to work weekends. This means you won’t need to work two jobs anymore. You can be home more now with family. I really think you should apply for this position. If you are interested give me a call, so I can put In a good word. Talk to you soon.