You will first summarize your chosen source and then respond to it, providing logical and articulate reasoning to back up your main points. (See Handout: Writing an Effective Summary and Response Essay for more details. ) This essay is worth 100 points, or 10% of your grade, and you will be graded based on your ability to craft a well-thought-out thesis, introduction with supporting topic sentences, and conclusion. You are strongly encouraged to set aside a generous amount of time for brainstorming, drafting, and revising your essay, along with sitting my office hours and the Writing Center as necessary.

DO NOT hesitate to use the resources available to you! All essays must be typed, double spaced, in twelve point font, and with proper heading and title, as outlined in your thesis. You will be required to cite your source throughout, but a Works Cited page, for this essay, is not necessary. Please refer to your syllabus for more information regarding what constitutes an A essay, B essay, C essay, and D essay. You will also be provided with a rubric before your final essay is due.

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