Written viewers due to the provocative nature of

Written TaskDear Mr. Kazan and Mr. Williams,     The Breen Office is sending you this letter to address with regard to certain objectionable and questionable material that we have observed in your film in progress “A Streetcar Named Desire”.  While we wish to congratulate you on a job well done regarding your filming progress, however being the board of censorship we feel that it is our responsibility and a necessity to address certain aspects of your film, which we feel, will simply not make the cut.  First we will heavily discuss the character of Blanche that is currently being red flagged by our board.  The character of Blanche seems to be that of a very dodgy one.  Throughout some scenes in the play version of “A Streetcar Named Desire” it is evident that Blanche’s past is very questionable.  The story that Stanley tells regarding Blanche’s past with a 17 year old schoolboy provides little doubt that Blanche had an almost pedophilic past.  The story revealing her pedophilic past will simply be removed from the movie.  This is because any hint of pedophilia is strictly prohibited, which leads to the next scene which must be removed.  The part where Blanche says the line “Well you do honey lamb, I want to kiss you, just once, softly and sweetly on your mouth!” should be removed.  The next line she says “… I’ve got to be good — and keep my hands off children.” should also be removed due to the suggestive and provocative nature of this statement.  The entire scene should be considerably remade so as to not offend any viewers due to the provocative nature of an older women being seen with a younger, almost “child like” man. The second aspect of Blanche that should be completely scrapped is her husband that shot himself.  The script contains context that makes it hard not to doubt that Blanche’s ex-husband was a homosexual. Also, rather than stating that her ex-husband committed suicide because he was not sure of his sexual orientation and how to come out from the closet.  It would just simply be stated that he could not handle the stress of working as a poet and he decided to take the easier way out.  Any reference to homosexuality is strongly taboo and hence must be treated with extreme caution when filming.       While Blanche’s character is strongly objectionable throughout the whole play, there are other scenes in the play, which are particularly questionable.  The audience viewing this movie must be thought about when filming is in progress because most audience will find a lot of these material highly offensive, hence it is required for the 2 of you to decide how to deal with the following scenes which have been red flagged by us.  The first scene that should be modified is the scene during the poker night when Stanley slaps Stella’s rear in a highly provocative way.  This should be changed simply to a smack on the thigh.  The rear smacking scene is highly sexual and could easily offend a lot of audiences.  The second scene that should be shot with care is the scene after Stanley’s fight with Stella.  When Stanley starts bawling for Stella to come back down from Eunice’s place, there are several aspects that need to be altered.  The close up shot of Stella coming down from the stairs should either be removed or zoomed out, as it shows Stella kind of in a trance with some suggestive background music.  With regards to the jazz background music, it should be replaced with a classical music score because the jazz background makes the situation feel a little bit sexual and seductive which could easily offend a lot of audience.  Last but not least, great care shall be taken when shooting the scene with Stella and Stanley reuniting.  Care must be taken as to where Stanley touches Stella and how they kiss and hug each other.  The third scene that needs to be handled with is the scene towards the end of the play when Stanley rapes Blanche.  The idea that the rape scene is both justified and unpunished is highly traumatic.  If this scene is not to be removed, it must be severely remade so that the audience will not be in the least bit offended by it.  Especially great care needs to be taken when filming Stanley raping Blanche, so much so that the audience are not able to tell that Blanche is about to get raped, lest they have read the play or watched the play themselves.  Also, the beer bottle which Blanche breaks and presents the broken end to Stanley should be replaced with a non-broken beer bottle, so as to not appear life threatening in any way.       The following are objectionable lines, or quotes said by various characters that are either sexual or considerably taboo and should be removed form the movie or at least rephrased so as to avoid offending any audience.  For example in scene 2 of the play when Stanley and Blanche are conversing and Blanche takes out her atomizer and playfully sprays Stanley with it.  The line that Stanley says, “If you weren’t Stella’s sister, I would get ideas of you.” should be removed because it is hinting that Stanley is hinting that he thinks Blanche is slutty and is trying to seduce him.  Even though it is not intended, this notion can easily be misinterpreted by the audience.       If the above recommendations are followed carefully, the movie will be a much better piece.  By eliminating all this objectionable material, this movie will be so much more viewer friendly.  With Regards, Charles Feldman(Written Task Word Count: 944 words)