Yolngu boy

Yowling Boy. Yowling boy is a disappointing, Soul destroying, atrocious, and nauseating movie starring; Sean Unguarded as Boot, John Sebastian Pulaski as Lour, Nathan Daniels as Militia, Lairing Unguarded as Yuan, Makeup Humping as Mat]ala and Nuking Humping as Dada Director Stephen Johnson. Yowling Boy is about three Yowling Boy (aboriginals) teenagers Boot, Militia, Lour who had a dream of becoming hunters together, when they became teenagers, Boot who did bad things landed him in Jail then he had a release from Jail and Militia who is more interested in football and chicks!And Lour who is trying to save their friendship. Boot who burns down the community centre puts him in Jail again. So the three friends set off to Darwin to see Dada the head elder to keep Boot out of Jail. The actors portray characters roles well but my expectations were not fulfilled because it was very slow moving and it was a bit full on I expected it to be more fast pace and run more smoothly.

There were lots of flash backs of memories and they lost the story line because you couldn’t tell when there was a flash back or the current events. Yowling boy has a lot of issues raised for example drug use and living conditions.Chroming was used by Boot, Chroming is where you sniffing chrome based paint some long terms affects are; heart, liver and kidney damage, loss of hearing, damage to the bone marrow, anemia, weight loss, sneezing and coughing, nosebleeds, depleted supply of oxygen In the blood. The living conditions were very poor for the long grass people they had little tent with barely any shelter and mattresses to sit on they had no bathrooms barley any food The film Yowling Boy Is a film that Is not for everyone and I feel that you should watch the film before you make a Judgment of the film.

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