“You calls out to him and asks “are

“You don’t find love, it finds you. It’s got a little bit to do with destiny, fate, and what’s written in the stars.” “We don’t meet people by accident, they are meant to cross our paths for a reason.” Today is a very exciting and happy day which marks the beginning of a new life for Tom. He is about to attend an architect interview, a work that Tom had in mind since he was still in college. Tom told himself, “I’m on my way, to my dream, to my destiny, I’m on my way”.

Whenever we see Tom, he is either wearing different tone colors of brown or he is surrounded by a brown-colored environment. His eyes are brown too. Remember the time when Tom entered Summer’s blue world? The moment when Tom entered Summer’s life, everyone is being blue around him. He clearly doesn’t belong, he is brown, and she’ll always be blue. But that doesn’t matter now to Tom, that’s all in the past. Tom is finally in the right place in his life, he is about to get a job interview in a building that’s interior is brown. His colors finally suit his path, to become an architect.

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Tom noticed that everything seems to fall into place. What he didn’t know was that it will also be the place where he meets his next love interest. As Tom is waiting to be interviewed, a girl also waiting for her time to be interviewed calls out to him and asks “are you interviewing for the position?” Tom answered, “oh yeah, why? Are you?” Of course, the girl responded, “yeah.” And Tom’s response to this was “hmmm, my competition” And they both laughed.

 Since the girl is also aiming for the same job, Tom jokingly said “well, I hope you, um, don’t get the job.” And the girl returned the desire of Tom “well, I hope you don’t get the job.” After that very awkward situation, the girl asked Tom if they’ve met before since she’s seen him before sitting on a bench located in Tom’s favorite spot Angelus Plaza which also happens to be her favorite spot. Coincidence. Nothing more than coincidence. When it is now time for Tom’s interview, the interviewer calls Tom in and as he’s walking, he felt something, it is a sign, so he turns back and asks the girl to get some coffee afterwards “I was just wondering if maybe after this if you want to, um, get some coffee or something.” and she agrees.

Tom smiles “My name’s Tom.” and she introduces herself, “Nice to meet you, I’m Autumn.” After finding out that the name of the girl is Autumn, Tom trusts destiny. Again. Tom already finished his interview, it is now time for Autumn’s interview.

He is patiently waiting for Autumn to finish her interview. While waiting, he keeps telling himself that Summer isn’t “the one” for him. He is convincing himself to move on and let go.

He knows that he needs to learn, try and discover new things that will make him happy. Do things that will be beneficial to him. It is time to focus on his new job if he will be able to get the job he is applying for and who knows, maybe on his new relationship.