You I didn’t question Pete or how he

You know, I never thought one perfectly normal day could change out of this world faster than you an say spaghetti sauce. It seemed almost out of this world! Even with all my theories, that was only thinking.  One Saturday afternoon, I was doing my daily walk along the beach,cleaning up trash, collecting random artifacts and seashells, that sort of thing. All of a sudden, I tripped over something hard an blocky in the sand. I looked to see what it was and I saw a little cork. I went to pick it up and realized it wasn´t just a cork, it was a bottle filled with an odd purple glow. I thought it must be some sort of trick. I looked around to make sure no one was stalking me and opened the bottle.  A storm of thunder clouds rose above me swirling in the motion of a tornado. By this point I knew this wasn’t a typical joke by one of those teenagers. This was real. Through those storm clouds rose a light blue form that roared the air. “I´m your genie. The name? Pete.” Pete exclaimed ¨Since you set me free I will grant you one wish and one wish only.¨ You may have thought it odd but I didn’t question Pete or how he got here at all. What I did question was why only one wish? Wasn’t it supposed to be three? Anyway, I decided to use my smarts against this. ¨First, I wish for one hundred more wishes.¨ ¨Huh¨ the genie sighed ¨This is why I only give one wish.¨  I was so happy, I got to decide what I wanted to do with my life! I had someone to make my dreams come true! All I had to do is choose which dreams to follow. “My first wish, is to have peace on earth!¨ I said. ¨As you wish,¨ Pete responded. Poof! ¨For my next wish, I want to have a personal teleporter. Then, I want to make it so that there is an infinite store world that has teleporters, replenishes instantly, and gives stuff out for free.¨ I would keep going on and on, but that would just be too much for this writing paper.  You know, having your own genie comes from doing good deeds like a simple task of cleaning up litter. Honestly, you shouldn’t even try to find something like this. Do the right thing, and the world will find it for you.