Your Therefore, if we want to extend our

Your reflection from materials in class so far?

                  All people have zones of comfort
about different topics. Information that we are more familiar with them is
situated in our comfort zone. When we are in this area, we could not learn
anything new. Therefore, if we want to extend our knowledge we should go out of
our  comfort zone or at least we should go
in our learning edge. The best place for attracting new learning is on the edge
of our comfort zone that I am hoping I can be in this area that makes me
benefit from useful material taught in this course. In this essay, material that
was learned in the class will be examined in more detail:

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               From first exercise
describing a person that we did in class, I was labeled seven characteristic by
one of my classmates. When I read them I was surprised that how she described
me correctly and it was similar to mirror reflecting right traits. In fact,
this description was consistent to my relatives who were close to me. On the
other hand, video about Prejudice, Discrimination, and Stereotypes showed that Prejudice
is a baseless or false attitude towards an individual just on the individual’s connection
of a social group that is usually negative, Such as a person may have prejudiced
views towards certain race or sex etc. Discrimination is the behavior or
actions, towards an individual or group of people. Therefore the differences between
prejudice and discrimination are that  an attitude  has emotional, behavioral and cognitive component, While, discrimination refers
to actions against a group of people. “A belief about a certain group of people
is called a stereotyp. They are usually an exaggerated idea of what
a group is like”. (First Video about prejudice) People have many ideas about
each other that some of are true and some of them are just stereotypes .An example
for positive stereotypes in the video is that Jeff thought vegetarians are
healthy and peace-loving. While, negative stereotypes is that vegetarians are
pedantic and holier-than-thou, Eddie thinks that meat eaters are all strong,
due to all the protein they eat – that’s a positive stereotype. But he also
thinks that they don’t care about the environment, which is a negative

                     In the Bomb Shelter exercise that we did in class, I found interesting points that I never think before about that. Firstly, it is so hard that in group who consists of different people with different opinion and value can reach to the same results. For example, in my group the time was over and nobody could make one decision that who can be survived and all of us were condemned to die.Secondly.student’s experience, values, perspective makes us to judge about others. For instance, nearly in all groups were agreed that pregnant woman and doctor and specialist in nuclear science should be in priority to save and go to shelter. Finally, our attitude and standards can be changed in group. We believe we always have right thought While, it is just because of our past experience. When your identity changes, automatically, your values system will change.  In the video” Edward Said on Orientalism” he made clear one of the most important issues in our society named orientalism. He mentioned that how media can mislead people attitude. Even through art, it can be to misdirect people to get stereotype, prejudice as well as discrimination

          With regards of mentioned material
in class, exercises, video presentation and communicating with classmates I learned
about stereotyping that could be influenced by authority, opportunity and prejudice, we are regularly unconscious of our biases, thus by mistake apply them
in the different situation .As a result, ECE students should have a deep understanding
of self prejudice and stereotypes as well as discrimination.Because, this knowledge
can help to communicate with children and co-workers properly.