Your we specialize in bathroom renovations. Here are

Your bathroom is where you go to refresh, unwind, and prepare
yourself to face the day. It is one of the most used rooms in your home, and is
frequented by both those living inside and guests. For these reasons, it should
be a place you can enjoy spending some time, not just somewhere you need to be
to take care of tasks.

To customize your bathroom, renoWOW! offers a variety of tiling patterns to add character to your
flooring. We also offer water-resistant paint to reduce the likelihood of mold
or mildew buildup, as is common from steamy showers and baths, and custom wall

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Bathroom Packages

When renovating your bathroom, you want the space to be
comfortable and inviting. Often, bathrooms are poorly laid out giving of a very
cramped and unpleasant feeling. At renoWOW!,
our bathroom renovation packages are designed to provide the optimal layout to maximize
the space available. We combine a variety of high-end materials to look elegant
and give that luxurious feeling in your bathroom, whether it be a powder room,
en-suite, or primary facility.

Customized Bathroom

If a customized option is more to your tastes, the renoWOW! team can help you with the design
and build process. From thought to execution, we help guide you through the
process of creating your dream home room by room.

At renoWOW!, we
specialize in bathroom renovations. Here are just a few of the ideas we can
help you include in your custom renovation:

Shower: When a tub isn’t necessary, or your accessibility doesn’t permit climbing
over the edges, a walk-in shower is an excellent solution. It also has more
space than most tubs and decreases the chance of slipping.

Bench: Sometimes it’s nice to be able to sit in the shower and enjoy the
warmth and steam. While sitting on the floor is not practical, a shower bench
is. It also adds a layer of safety for washing when bending isn’t as easy as it
used to be.

Double Vanity:
An excellent choice if the bathroom is often used by more than one person at a
time, double vanities provide each person their own space to clean and get
ready in the morning and at night without fighting over the mirror and sink.

Closet: More convenient than a hallway linen closet, a storage closet in
the bathroom prevents the issue of forgetting your towel while you’re halfway
through a shower.

Heated Floor:
Stepping out of the shower onto the cold tile is an unpleasant experience. A
heating system under your floor means you never again have to feel the shock of
a chilly floor under your feet.

Bathtub: If the space allows, a freestanding tub can be a beautiful focal
point of your bathroom. With their ability to be placed anywhere in the room
and the variety of styles available, they are perfect for long relaxing soaks
while you forget about the daily stresses.

Wall: Creating a decorative feature wall in your bathroom helps to tie all
your décor together, and gives the eye a focal point when entering the room.

Whatever option you choose for your bathroom, count on the
renovation experts at renoWOW! to
give you a beautiful space you’ll be excited to spend time in.