Your Work Role

It may be as an employee I will be required o work throughout the company at various homes. The nature of the business is such that it is run on a 24/7 basis, therefore it is agreed that the provision Of the “Working time regulations Act 1 998” shall not apply to this employment and a time directive to be signed as it is possible that contracted hours may be exceeded to ensure the smooth running of the business.

Normal retirement date, unless specified is in accordance with the “Employment Equality (age) Regulations Act 2006” Data that the company hold is protected under the “Data Protection Act 1 998” this ensures that details held about employees is protected. ) Philips must show earnings before and after any deductions from a persons wage such as pension etc. Apart from any legal deductions such as tax and national insurance employers cannot take any deductions from wages unless stated in contract or the employee has signed a written agreement to do so. ) There are certain personal changes that you should notify your employer about. The first of these is any change of name as it is important that records are kept up to date. If there are any convictions or cautions after a contract is signed you must inform your manager so that it can be considered if these effect your bitty to perform your role and adhere to your contract. D) An employee who has a grievance relating to employment may raise that matter informally with the manager.

If the matter is not addressed and resolved a formal grievance procedure may be followed. Stage 1 : The employee must put their concerns in writing and state that it is a formal grievance. Stage 2: The organization has a responsibility to investigate and invite the employee to a formal hearing. The employee may be accompanied by a college or union rep in accordance with the “Employment Relations Act 999” full details of the matter must be recorded and provide an answer to the grievance in writing. T this point the employee may take this to Stage three management. Stage 3: A management representative will arrange to meet the employee and/or the representative. The management rep is to give a decision in writing.