You’re cause we are talking about the Lifestraw,

You’re trapped in the wilderness. Only the clothes on your back keep you warm at night and with every passing hour you grow weak. It’s been six days since you’ve last eaten but somehow you’ve managed to push on. How is that? Morning everybody this is Annabell speaking and today we’ll be broaching the subject of life and death. Jokes, jokes… Though not really cause we are talking about the Lifestraw, an invention that could very well save someone’s life through the provision of one of human’s basic necessities, water. So what is a Lifestraw you may wonder, and how does it differ from any other regular straw? They both have the same purpose, liquid goes in one way of a plastic tube, and comes out the other end into the mouth of the recipient. Well, I’m pleased to announce that the Lifestraw has taken it up a notch, allowing users to drink from nearly any water source. And by any, this includes contaminated, bacteria-infested, river water. (LifeStraw, 2018)How is this possible? Well, the Lifestraw is a buoyant, portable, plastic straw with a built in filtration unit that will filter out 99.9% of water borne bacterias and protozoa found in the outdoors. 99.9 to prevent lawsuits, of course. From pond water to even urine, the Lifestraw will greatly reduce the risk of disease as well as reduce water turbidity. Say no E. coli! However, it will not filter out viruses, chemicals and salt, therefore try to refrain from drinking pool water if possible. (LifeStraw, 2018)Now the creators of the Lifestraw have made it incredibly easy to use. Simply unscrew the bottom cap and submerge the bottom opening into the water source, then open the drinking cap and suck water up the straw, the liquid will have been cleansed of harmful substances by the time it reaches the users mouth. The Lifestraw can filter up to 1,000 liters of contaminated water, enough to last an entire year if used everyday. Of course, the innards of the Lifestraw is not required to be cleaned after every use but it definitely increases its lifespan. Once the Lifestraw reaches the end of its lifespan, water will simply stop flowing through it. That’s your cue to buy a new one. (LifeStraw, 2018)Whether you purchase a Lifestraw for camping, travel, emergency preparedness or just to challenge your friends to a few disgusting but harmless bets is completely up to you. In my unprofessional opinion, it doesn’t hurt to have one, and haven’t you heard the rumors, a backpacker got lost in the Papua forest for six days and managed to survive because he happened to be carrying a Lifestraw.